Storage Placement

In times of Emergency Response, proper authorities will determine the need for the number and sizes of containers required for any given property damaged during the disaster in order to protect property from further deterioration due to weather conditions and/or possibilities of looting.

A CO 5 container might be needed for a 3 bedroom home with extensive damage, while a smaller container might be adequate for the same size dwelling with only minor structural damage.


CO 2 =   7'

CO 3 = 10'

CO 4 = 13'

CO 5 = 16'


Flatbed trailer (with up to 50 containers) and an all terrain forklift will deliver the required FlatPak’s in an appropriate area (driveways, curb side or yard) by the damaged properties.

A service crew of 4 people, utilizing ½ to ¾ ton utility truck with small boom crane, generator and compressor will assemble the containers placed on the properties in ½ to 1 hour per container.

Local On-Site Storage:

Upon their return after a disaster, property owners can place valuable property in secure, water resistant, custom designed steel containers for continued storage on site.




SOS containers are constructed with SMART Logistic Tracks for added strength & security.

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