Ship or Store of Lufkin Texas

Do It Yourself (DIY) Made Easy

Ship or Store, our do it yourself solution, is now the easiest solution for anyone that needs to move and wants to do as much as possible for additional moving expense savings. Whether you are changing houses, storing furniture, or just need portable storage, the containers in our fleet will fit any need.

You Load the Container

Load the container when YOU are ready. Go as fast or as slow as you need to. The point is, its your container for your move. You set the pace. When you are finished, call us to schedule a pick up. There is no rush because you have the unit for the same low rate, whether its hours, days or months, unlike truck rentals or trailer rentals or full service moving that charges by the hour.

We Deliver Storage Containers

Now there is no more confusing schedule synchronization except to help make a large move easier! Just call Ship or Store, and one of our professional drivers will deliver a storage container to your location ready for a DIY move at your ease and convenience. Yes, it really is that easy! Give us a try.

Do Not Strain Your Back!

Moving is stressful and often results in strained backs, but our ground level loading helps make the move as simple and stress free as possible. No more lifting heavy items and boxes up into a rental truck or trailer. With Ship or Store containers, simply walk right in. We Pick It Up. Its so simple. After you have loaded the storage containers, call us to schedule a pickup. Then, we will deliver your storage container to your new location or we can deliver the container to our facility for long term storage.

We Save You Time & Money

We hurry to help you with our moving services, so you don't have to work too hard! Texas Storage and Moving, along with Ship Or Store, delivers promptly and meets your pre-arranged time requirements. You then have the time to load the container when you want. The flat rental rate is for 30 days, not 24 hours like a rental truck ... or 30 minutes like your “friend” who might rather be fishing.

Container Storage

Texas Storage & Moving can keep your household storage or furniture storage at our facility for as long as required. There is no reason to unload everything to place into conventional self storage simply leave all your items inside the container safe and secure. We can bring the storage containers back upon your request, this saves handling your heavy items more than one time.