Do-It-Yourself Storage

DIY And Deliveries - More Than Mobile Storage

Renovation Projects
Convenient and very affordable storage!
For your renovation projects Ship or Store can deliver a weatherproof, secure  container for convenient storage. There is no need to go back and forth to a mini-storage facility because your belongings will be with you for the duration of the project, in your sight and on your property.

Starting that home improvement job is easier now. Instead of multiple trips and a house strewn with power tools, try a Ship or Store container. Just ask your favorite home improvement store to place all of your valuable merchandise and supplies in a container at the store. When your order is complete, Ship or Store will transport the container from the store to your site for you to keep for as long as needed. You will have secure and convenient storage for your belongings at a minimal expense. And peace of mind knowing all you need for the project is in one location.

Delivery with Storage