Containerizing Local and Long Distance Moves

Containerizing Local & Long Distance Moves is a Win/Win situation for Customers and Partners.

It offers customers several, less expensive than full service moves, options and allows for profitability for Partners.

In reviewing the data below, it is obvious that Long Distance moves offer great potential. However, the opportunities in Local Moving business are significantly greater and offer tremendous sales and profit opportunities for our Partners.

According to US Census 2007:
38.7 Million People Moved!
84.3% People moved with the same State 32,628,000
12.5% People moved to a different State 4,862,000
3.0% People moved to the US from another Country 1,191,000
12.5% Number of Interstate Moves 2,000,000
Moves by Professional Movers 800,000
Moves by consumer with rented trucks 1,000,000
Moves by consumer unassisted 200,000

The prime moving market for Store or Ship is the more than 32,000,000 people moving within individual States. We estimate that the majority of these moves take place within 25 to 50 miles of originating location, making this business ideal for the Ship or Store system. In addition, while overall moving activities have been declining considerably during 2008 and into 2009, the local moving activities seem to be level over the same period.

The Ship or Store system will also serve the Long Distance Moving business well. We offer service options and cost levels that cannot be matched by the full service movers. Further, like the local moving business, the container moving and storage concept, offers convenience, flexibility and cost savings for the consumer.

Staging (de-clutter) is the buzz word in real estate today. Staging requires a container to store unwanted furniture and other belongings while property is on the market. It is reasonable to believe that whoever provides the container service will get the ensuing moving business. This service is not available from “ordinary” moving companies and/or through the use of rented trucks. We have a significant advantage when it comes to earning the moving business.

Average weight of Interstate moves is about 7,500 lbs. These loads are ideal for our truck and can be handled with one container or by a number of our different container combinations, greatly enhancing the moving experience.

The Ship or Store Moving and Storage system is ideal for today’s consumers and will meet our customers’ moving requirements in terms of convenience and cost considerations.

We are containerizing the Moving Business! The way moving was meant to be.